This is the website you are on right now! Its purpose is to provide information about me and my projects. It includes what I do, how we can get in contact and how you can support me!

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Battlesnakes: Danger Noodle

Application built to play the game snake competitively against other developers around the world.

Take a look at Battlesnakes: Danger Noodle here!
VScode Pets
Open Source Contributions

A VS Code extension that adds friendly companions to help you code!

See VScode Pets here!
Drone Roof Inspections

Startup that I co-founded with the goal of providing automatic roof inspections using drones and machine learning.

Augmented Municipality

An AR app designed to communicate urban design to over 240,000 citizens by letting them see what current and future municipal developments look like in real life.

Low Poly

This is a React based website that takes advantage of WASM to generate digital art inspired by low poly art styles.

Delve into Low Poly here!

Triangulation is a SvelteKit based website that automates the workflow I would use to generate digital art inspired by low poly / triangle / geometric art styles.

Learn more about Triangulation here!

A space themed Android app that helps you and your friends plan schedules and find free time.

Rummage Round

A small and relaxing spooky witch cat themed item search game.

VScode Twitch Highlighter
Open Source Contributions

A VS Code extension to allow your Twitch viewers to help you code!

Gaze upon VScode Twitch Highlighter here!

A project I worked on with a buddy during a local hackathon. It's a conversational bot that plays NPCs for your DnD campaigns.


FreebieMapp was a startup I co-founded with two other peers. The premise of the project was the value of new customers to small businesses. By having someone new try your business you gain a value greater than the value lost by giving away something for free. FreebieMapp provided this link, allowing new customers to find freebies and become potential reoccurring customers.

Cookie Cover

A script designed to write my cover letters for me when I was applying to jobs in co-op.

Take a tour of Cookie Cover here!
Pablo the Manipulator

Pablo is a Bluetooth electromyography (EMG) controlled, servo actuated robotic arm.

Check out Pablo the Manipulator here!
Open Source Contributions

Merged contributions to open source app Shuttle Music Player, a local Android music player.

Take a look at Shuttle here!

Dogfight is a game I'm making in Unity. The core of the game is based on old dogfight arcade games. All art assets are being hand made in pixel art style and the game is currently in its early stages.

React XR
Open Source Contributions

A React components and hooks library for creating VR/AR applications with @react-three/fiber.

Take a peek at React XR here!
Open Source Contributions

A web component and related tools from Google that allows you to display interactive 3D models on the web and in AR.

Explore <model-viewer> here!
Syntax Podcast Website
Open Source Contributions

The website for a tasty treats podcast for Web Developers, Syntax.

Delve into Syntax Podcast Website here!